When I was very young I decided I wanted guitar and music to be my future career.  I was self taught via web articles, print articles, books, online videos, tabs, and guitar pro software for 9 years before attending Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood, CA.  There I learned where all the areas I needed to improve upon and developed a strong knowledge of music theory.  After graduating I realized it was going to take a couple more years to solidify everything I learned.  So I starting teaching guitar while studying aggressively at home to prepare for my career.

   I set a goal to enter the studio and live industries when I turn 25 years old.  Well, my 25th birthday is on February 18th so I am going to get started on February 19th (due to a concert with my original band that occurs on my birthday!).

   It took a whole month of planning, but I’ve set 5yr and 1yr goals with actions targeted at those specific outcomes.

   This blog was created on February 16, 2009 to document my trek into the field of working musicians.  Please stay in touch if you’re interested in real life gear reviews, studio stories, tip & tricks, lessons, and all the trials and tribulations of a prepared musician jumping into the biz!