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Watch This: Tosca’s New Album Feature Video

The latest album from Tosca, called “No Hassle” is very relaxing, trippy, and amazing.  Their record label !K7 has a promotional video for the latest album which includes fantastic interviews with both multi-instrumentalists Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber on how they create and compose their ideas, the concept behind “No Hassle”, and a little on how they perform it all live.

The song “Springer” is available as a free download on Tosca’s website.


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Listening To: the Cutler

When listening to SomaFM, I heard a song called Pickaxe by “the Cutler”.  I immediately took note of their name and later did a little reading on them.

The Cutler is David Brennan and Steve Cobby.  David “Porky” Brennan is the founder of Pork Recordings, whose roster includes Baby Mammoth and Steve Cobby’s Fila Brazillia.  They’ve released two albums out of Steel Tiger Records in the U.K.  The album which includes the song Pickaxe, was their self titled debut and the second is their latest called “Black Flag”.

Check out some samples!

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Listening to: Saru “the Pearl”

I’ve been listening to a few great cds lately and thought you should know about them. Today, I’m writing about the new release from Saru called “the Pearl”.  Here’s a description from his website:

“Marking a return to form, ‘The Pearl’ is a mix of organic breaks, dramatic atmospheres and funky grooves, further exploring the dual sides of light and dark that comprise the quinticential SARU sound. Fans of ‘Downtempo Dojo’ will find themselves in familiar, but evolved, territory while the forbidding engines of ‘Machine’ still churn faintly in the distance.”

You may be familiar with Steve Branson’s other aliases such as “Spooky Monkey” or “apo11o”.  My favorite track is called “the Trap” which was originally released on the EP by the same name.  This is the first song I heard of Saru’s but when I did I definitely followed his website.

Check out the samples!

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Hard Work


   Following 300-400 articles  is not all that difficult. But, it is very time consuming to try and find the contact info of the business people involved with the acts that I like.
   Each news item about an artist can lead me to finding anywhere from 1-20 people to contact about that news. This can take 10 minutes per news item. The mistake I have made is that I “clip” too many articles everyday. If you’re trying to do anything similar to this, I suggest using discretion.
   Personally, I only have about 2 hours to spend on finding this contact info and then 1 hour to spend contacting these people everyday. If it takes 10 minutes per news item, I should only clip 12 news items per day if I plan on getting the work done in the 2 hours of contact hunting time. Luckily, I keep running across similar studios, PR agencies, managers, etc. So, at least I don’t have to find the contact info over and over again.
   I do the majority of my clipping via NewsGator on my SmartPhone while I’m out and about throughout the day. With 300+ articles per day, clipping only 12 items would require serious discretion. So while I’m out “clipping” on my mobile, I clip 30-60 news items then use more strict discretion when going through them back at home.

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Entertainment Law Podcast


  Gordon P. Firemark has a great new entertainment law podcast.  The “Entertainment Law Update” released its first podcast on April 21st and was very informative.  It seems to be marketed towards lawyers but anyone who’s serious about their music career should follow him here .  Here’s a list of what he covered on the first show:

* Featured Topic: Ownership of partners’ and principals’ intellectual property contributions to a business in the absence of employment agreements.

* SAG & AMPTP have arrived at a deal…

* The competing “Octomom” trademark registrations

* Is giving a (loaded) iPod as a gift an act of copyright infringement? (First Sale and Fair Use) (President’s gift to Queen ElizabethII)*

* Copyright and Defamation issues in new social media… Twitter, Facebook, etc. Courtney Love being sued.. a cautionary tale for anybody who uses the Web? 1st Circuit won’t review defamation ruling in Noonan vs. Staples.

* Copyright holders taking action against content “scraping” websites. (Hot News doctrine)

* Fair Use, YouTube, DMCA takedowns, etc. -YouTube says 37% of DMCA takedown notices are not valid copyright claims, etc.

* Wish Upon a star” – Fox’s “Family Guy” “parody”/”satire”

* Litigation: “Push” lawsuits – When is a deal a deal?

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Gmail & RSS for Mailing Lists


(This is a follow up to my previous post about the frustrations relating to artists that only have email subscription lists and not rss feeds.)

  Because the majority of artists and executives are still behind the curve with syndicating their recent events and news, we just have to subscribe to the email lists.  So, after noticing that my current Gmail account has an rss link, I decided to make a new Gmail account just for email newsletters.  This way I can use the account’s rss feed to subscribe to all those subscriptions in my favorite reader and bring them into view all in one simple location.  The only problem is, now I’m getting 300-400 news items a day.  But I just flag the ones that have people that I’m interested in getting to know.  Then once a week, I will email all of them and congratulate and support them.

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Artist Websites & RSS


  As, I’m building my network database of contacts that I would like to work with in the music industry, I want to also include my favorite artists.  But, its hard to keep up to date on all your favorite artists at the same time.  

  I use an RSS aggregator called NetNewsWire to bring all my updates from music news sites into one simple location.  As I moved into the category of my favorite artists I noticed that very very few of them have an RSS feed associated to the news section of their website.  So, for me to keep up to date with them, I have to go to each of their websites and see what’s happening or hope that another news source writes a piece about them.  Of course joining the email list is an option but that’s seems less efficient to me.

  Anyway this was just a short post about an issue I noticed and thought it could be expanded upon.  What do you think?

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