Listening To: Ben Neill

Today, I want to show you something very unique.  Not only is Ben Neill a multi-instrumentalist, he also invented his own instrument that is truly one of a kind.  The instrument is called the “Mutantrumpet”.  From the bio section of Ben’s website:

“Neill began developing the mutantrumpet in the early 1980s. Initially an acoustic instrument (a combination of 3 trumpets and a trombone combined into one), Neill made the instrument interactive with electronics in the mid 1980s when collaborating with the synthesizer inventor Robert Moog. In 1992, while in residency at Steim¹s research and development lab for new instruments in Amsterdam, Neill made the mutantrumpet fully computer interactive. In 2008 Neill created a new version of his instrument and returned to Steim for another residency. The new mutantrumpet is greatly expanded in terms of its electronic capabilities. ”

“Neill’s music blends electronica, jazz and ambient, blurring the lines between DJ culture and acoustic instrument performance.”

The latest album “Night Science”, is available now.  Go to his website for sample tracks!

His live sets are fantastic.  Here’s a video:


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