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New Website!

Hey everybody.  I decided to “self-host” my blog on my own server.  So now it looks way cooler and can have a ton more content for your enjoyment.  I had a little trouble with the subscriptions maintenance, so go to the new site and resubscribe to make sure that you continue to get updates.  For a short time, I will double post to the old blog until everybody has migrated to the new site.


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Jamming With: Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller is a super-hero of the bass guitar.  Miller is best known as a bassist, working with trumpeter Miles Davis, singer Luther Vandross, and saxophonist David Sanborn as well as maintaining a prolific solo career. I’ve been listening to a lot of his work lately and I decided to record myself playing “Chicago Song” which he composed for David Sanborn.

Watch the High Quality Version (recommended) or the YouTube video below.

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Listening To: Ben Neill

Today, I want to show you something very unique.  Not only is Ben Neill a multi-instrumentalist, he also invented his own instrument that is truly one of a kind.  The instrument is called the “Mutantrumpet”.  From the bio section of Ben’s website:

“Neill began developing the mutantrumpet in the early 1980s. Initially an acoustic instrument (a combination of 3 trumpets and a trombone combined into one), Neill made the instrument interactive with electronics in the mid 1980s when collaborating with the synthesizer inventor Robert Moog. In 1992, while in residency at Steim¹s research and development lab for new instruments in Amsterdam, Neill made the mutantrumpet fully computer interactive. In 2008 Neill created a new version of his instrument and returned to Steim for another residency. The new mutantrumpet is greatly expanded in terms of its electronic capabilities. ”

“Neill’s music blends electronica, jazz and ambient, blurring the lines between DJ culture and acoustic instrument performance.”

The latest album “Night Science”, is available now.  Go to his website for sample tracks!

His live sets are fantastic.  Here’s a video:

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Watch This: Tosca’s New Album Feature Video

The latest album from Tosca, called “No Hassle” is very relaxing, trippy, and amazing.  Their record label !K7 has a promotional video for the latest album which includes fantastic interviews with both multi-instrumentalists Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber on how they create and compose their ideas, the concept behind “No Hassle”, and a little on how they perform it all live.

The song “Springer” is available as a free download on Tosca’s website.

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Listening To: the Cutler

When listening to SomaFM, I heard a song called Pickaxe by “the Cutler”.  I immediately took note of their name and later did a little reading on them.

The Cutler is David Brennan and Steve Cobby.  David “Porky” Brennan is the founder of Pork Recordings, whose roster includes Baby Mammoth and Steve Cobby’s Fila Brazillia.  They’ve released two albums out of Steel Tiger Records in the U.K.  The album which includes the song Pickaxe, was their self titled debut and the second is their latest called “Black Flag”.

Check out some samples!

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Listening To: Kaya Project “Walking Through”

Do you like music from different parts of the world?  Kaya Project meshes many different influences from around the globe.

I have been listening to the debut album called “Walking Through” on a daily basis for months now. Although there are general names for each of the influences, I can’t put a name to a genre or any generic classification for Kaya Project.  I love the drums, middle eastern instruments, and the bass which together groove amazingly.

Here’s a description from his website:

” ‘Walking Through’, Kaya Project’s debut CD, is a downtempo fusion of cutting-
edge beats, organic electronica and diverse sounds and vocals from Hawaii, India,
the Middle East and Europe. Kaya Project is the latest musical incarnation from
Seb Taylor, who has released as Shakta, Digitalis and is also a co-founder of
Angel Tears.”

Listen to full length samples!

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Listening to: Saru “the Pearl”

I’ve been listening to a few great cds lately and thought you should know about them. Today, I’m writing about the new release from Saru called “the Pearl”.  Here’s a description from his website:

“Marking a return to form, ‘The Pearl’ is a mix of organic breaks, dramatic atmospheres and funky grooves, further exploring the dual sides of light and dark that comprise the quinticential SARU sound. Fans of ‘Downtempo Dojo’ will find themselves in familiar, but evolved, territory while the forbidding engines of ‘Machine’ still churn faintly in the distance.”

You may be familiar with Steve Branson’s other aliases such as “Spooky Monkey” or “apo11o”.  My favorite track is called “the Trap” which was originally released on the EP by the same name.  This is the first song I heard of Saru’s but when I did I definitely followed his website.

Check out the samples!

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