Blog & Podcast Starts This Week!

I have setup a blog and A/V Podcast Studio to write and perform for your entertainment and to get feedback on my playing and networking ideas. My blog is about:

  • Being productive and efficient with your web networking.
  • My favorite articles and productions by other writers and podcasters.
  • Communication / Sales Skills. Self Development.
  • The art of practicing your instrument.
  • Artists and releases that I think you should hear and know about.

In addition to my blog, I have setup a small A/V studio in which I will produce video and audio podcasts of myself playing tunes from jazz standards to me writing and performing parts to go along with my current favorite electronic music.  Here and there I will also produce a “PicksCast” to show you artists that I think you shouldn’t miss.

Here are the links to subscribe:

Into the Music Biz Blog (Articles)

Into the Music Biz Podcast (Video & Audio Podcast)

YouTube Channel: CHillGuitarTV


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