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Electronic Chillout Internet Radio


Electronic Chillout / Downtempo / Lounge / World music is the music that I listen to the most.  Regardless of jazz studies, funk bands, big bands, metal and rock bands that I spend time with, I am always coming back to these genres.  So, I’ve decided to focus my contact hunting in these genres.  Now the next step is to discover and stay up to date on the news of these artists.

My favorite way to find new artists is to listen to internet radio stations.  The main reason that I like these is that they’re not digital djs like  Pandora which picks music based on your current tastes.  The real net djs are humans deciding what to play for you.  This is how I get introduced to music that expands your listening horizons as opposed to the Pandora method, which seems to keep me inside of my current realm.  I think of the stations as friends showing me stuff they like in certain categories that we share an interest in.

My best “friend” is SomaFM.  They have a large selection of different stations that are always playing something great and frequently artists that I haven’t heard of yet.  When I hear something that I like, I keep track of the artists name and the song that I heard on SomaFM.  Then later I will hunt down contact information associated with all of the business people surrounding the projects.


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