Hard Work


   Following 300-400 articles  is not all that difficult. But, it is very time consuming to try and find the contact info of the business people involved with the acts that I like.
   Each news item about an artist can lead me to finding anywhere from 1-20 people to contact about that news. This can take 10 minutes per news item. The mistake I have made is that I “clip” too many articles everyday. If you’re trying to do anything similar to this, I suggest using discretion.
   Personally, I only have about 2 hours to spend on finding this contact info and then 1 hour to spend contacting these people everyday. If it takes 10 minutes per news item, I should only clip 12 news items per day if I plan on getting the work done in the 2 hours of contact hunting time. Luckily, I keep running across similar studios, PR agencies, managers, etc. So, at least I don’t have to find the contact info over and over again.
   I do the majority of my clipping via NewsGator on my SmartPhone while I’m out and about throughout the day. With 300+ articles per day, clipping only 12 items would require serious discretion. So while I’m out “clipping” on my mobile, I clip 30-60 news items then use more strict discretion when going through them back at home.


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