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  Gordon P. Firemark has a great new entertainment law podcast.  The “Entertainment Law Update” released its first podcast on April 21st and was very informative.  It seems to be marketed towards lawyers but anyone who’s serious about their music career should follow him here .  Here’s a list of what he covered on the first show:

* Featured Topic: Ownership of partners’ and principals’ intellectual property contributions to a business in the absence of employment agreements.

* SAG & AMPTP have arrived at a deal…

* The competing “Octomom” trademark registrations

* Is giving a (loaded) iPod as a gift an act of copyright infringement? (First Sale and Fair Use) (President’s gift to Queen ElizabethII)*

* Copyright and Defamation issues in new social media… Twitter, Facebook, etc. Courtney Love being sued.. a cautionary tale for anybody who uses the Web? 1st Circuit won’t review defamation ruling in Noonan vs. Staples.

* Copyright holders taking action against content “scraping” websites. (Hot News doctrine)

* Fair Use, YouTube, DMCA takedowns, etc. -YouTube says 37% of DMCA takedown notices are not valid copyright claims, etc.

* Wish Upon a star” – Fox’s “Family Guy” “parody”/”satire”

* Litigation: “Push” lawsuits – When is a deal a deal?


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