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  As, I’m building my network database of contacts that I would like to work with in the music industry, I want to also include my favorite artists.  But, its hard to keep up to date on all your favorite artists at the same time.  

  I use an RSS aggregator called NetNewsWire to bring all my updates from music news sites into one simple location.  As I moved into the category of my favorite artists I noticed that very very few of them have an RSS feed associated to the news section of their website.  So, for me to keep up to date with them, I have to go to each of their websites and see what’s happening or hope that another news source writes a piece about them.  Of course joining the email list is an option but that’s seems less efficient to me.

  Anyway this was just a short post about an issue I noticed and thought it could be expanded upon.  What do you think?


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